Transform Your Business into an Empire

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Our Mission Statement

Transforming your business into an Empire, we at Transform create, build, & sustain Empires for all ages of comprehension. We believe no person should be left behind as we operate with intent to rise together. Offering you a wide range of opportunities for exposure, education, and entertainment, we encourage each member to choose what is the right fit for them and attend accordingly. With our end goal being to create Empire owners, we believe connecting and collaborating is the key to conquering.

Are you ready to be Transformed?

Hello and Welcome! If you are ready to transform your business into an Empire, if you are ready to have more T.I.M.E. (Time, Impact, Money, Excitement), and if you are ready to become the next thought leader in your industry, then you are at the correct place. At Transform you will join a community of Empire Creators from around the world, and connect, collaborate, and conquer your dreams with all of us.  Throughout the past twenty years of studying business and personal development, I have gathered all the best resources from New York to L.A., and even Europe and Australia to assure your success in creating, developing, and sustaining your very own Empire.

Please know and understand, here at Transform we do not build small businesses, nor do we produce struggling entrepreneurs. So, if you are ready to get down and dirty with us, and become an Empire Creator, then we invite you to join us. If you have any questions during the process please feel free to schedule a consultation by clicking here.

Angelique Mercurio

I absolutely love Elena and the Transform Mastermind Team members!! They have made me feel so welcome. I got more help with everyone in Transform then I have in anything I have ever done. You learn a lot about how to grow for yourself and an empire. It is not to teach business, this mastermind Elena put together is to help build your Empire. You learn all there is to learn, you work at your own pace. You are challenged and it is fun. This is my new family they welcomed me with open arms!! I would recommend Transform Mastermind Group to anyone who wants to grow and get new ideas. If you want to build a great business make money and enjoy life then join us. We will help you grow your business..

Thank you Elena, You are much appreciated.

Peace and Blessings,

Angelique MercurioTransform Empire Creator