Each academy is packaged with a complimentary strategy session with Elena Rahrig. If Grant Writing Academy is purchased, your strategy session will be with Empire Creator Member, Joseph Hastings (the developer of the academy).

In this Academy you will learn how to create the following:
Business Cards
Book Covers
PDF Give-Aways
Social Media Cover Photos and Profile Pictures
Images without a Background (cutout images)

Each of these lessons come with a video tutorial and a PDF instruction sheet to follow along with the video.

Brian Frobase has earned more than $13,000 a week in network marketing, and was #1 in the company. Later Brian would move forward in a competing network marketing company, where he was #2, trailing Elena who was #1. It wouldn’t be long before he passed her and became #1 himself. Yes, he was #1, two times in two different companies. Need I say, Brian Frobase knows how to build an Empire. Brian & Elena teach this 12 video a course to help you build your own Empire.

In the Stimulate My Mind program you will learn the importance of self-education, and train your brain to enjoy reading and learning. Furthermore, you will train your brain how to be creative and a visionary. Both of these are essential to your success, because you cannot create what you cannot envision.

Setting goals is easy. Reaching goals is what most struggle with. Learn why this is, and how to change this. My Personalized Road Map to Success, gets you organized, on track, and set up to stay the course.

There are 4 types of people in this world: Peepers, Flippers, Inspectors, and Warriors. It takes a Warrior to build an empire. In this program you will learn the mentality of each box persona, and why they don’t succeed, and why Warriors do succeed. You must be a Warrior to build your empire. Learn how to transform into Warrior mode in order to transform your dreams into your reality.


Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of, and making, choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. It is an active conscious process of achieving your full potential

This program presents ways to improve overall wellness and quality of life, by emphasizing your responsibility for your health, by developing skills, knowledge, and discipline. Learn to maintain a constant harmony and maintenance of physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and environmental factors. Includes 6 PDFs.

What you will need to obtain that job you’ve always wanted. We cover preparation, search, resume, interview and follow-up. Includes 4 PDFS with an example resume, cover letter and thank you letter.