A mastermind group is used to help members solve their business problems through shared wisdom and knowledge. It has a community feel, so as an entrepreneur you never feel alone; nor confused as you climb the latter to success. To continuously rise to your next level, transforming your business into an empire, it is vital that you receive connection, feedback, accountability, and collaboration. Through joining Transform Mastermind, you instantly receive the benefits of everyone’s training, education, and experience, with accruing additional financial charges. Even more, for those who choose to fully engage, it is an opportunity for your business to gain exposure, for you to showcase your knowledge, wisdom, and experience through teaching, and a place to get doors that lead to more success to open for you.


  • Global Networking
  • Connect, Collaborate, & Conquer with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Empire education & training
  • Support
  • Membership Portal 
  • Position yourself as an expert through exposure opportunities within the group
  • Webinars
  • Video & Phone Conferences
    • Focus Group
    • Mastermind Session
    • CCC Conference
    • Speed Networking
  • Programs 
    • Your 5D Transformation System
    • Stimulate Your Mind
    • Are You Boxed In?
    • Your Personalized Road Map to Success
  • Academies
    • Author 
    • Strategic Book Marketing
    • Public Speaking 
    • Coaching & Consulting
    • Empire
    • Network Marketing
    • Program Development
    • Pay what its worth consulting with Elena & other mastermind experts
  • Your own tab inside the membership portal with your own videos.
  • Extra lessons sent directly to your inbox.
  • Free books to further expand & enhance your intellect
  • Over 600 task to complete to create, build, & sustain your Empire
  • Member recognition 
  • Member interviews
  • Resources that create revenue and peace of mind
  • …and more!!!


One-on-One Training

Elena’s parents began training her for entrepreneurship at the age of 12 through paying her to read books and write reports on business, life, and spirituality; and taking her to their corporation to sink or swim in each department. Needless to say, this is a vast reason why Elena has such a wide range of wisdom and knowledge to share with other entrepreneurs. If you are just getting started; or resting in the realms of a complacent business; or ready to double your efforts and income, Elena certainly has the intellect and resources to help you.

Public Speaking Branding & Training

Following in her father’s footsteps, Elena began her speaking career at the age of 18. She went on to spend most of her 20’s traveling and speaking on stages across the country. It was when she turned 30, she realized that if she could speak on behalf of other companies to help them grow their empire, she could surely build her own and help others build theirs.

Elena knows that through speaking on stages, much business can be accrued, more people can receive help, and more money can be earned. She has been training others in the public speaking industry for about 7 years, through one-on-one coaching and her do it yourself academy.

The passion Elena has for helping other speakers is from watching those who decide to quit their 9-5, become an entrepreneur, and begin speaking on stages with little to no training. She has watched time, and again, entrepreneurs do more harm to their business than good, all because they are not a properly trained speaker. Elena states, “From the moment a speaker hits the stage, I can tell whether they have been trained or not. I can tell by where they stand on the stage, the first words they speak to their audience, their body language, tonality, and overall message format. How sad is it that one works so hard on their business, to only have it harmed by lack of knowledge and preparation. Moreover, it is disheartening watching new public speakers try to get hired to speak, yet they don’t understand the proper format for contacting meeting planners, the correct document types required, and even what they correct titles of the documents are. For example, when a meeting planner asks for a fee schedule, most don’t even know what that is, let alone how to prepare one.”

Through the public speaking training, you learn all of that, and much more!

Program Development

Through research, Elena has learned that the hardest part of developing a program is being able to organize your thoughts and placing the content in strategic order; so it makes sense to the person taking the course. Elena states, “Some of these programs and academies out there confuse even me. For one, I wonder why it is created when I can find the content online for free; and second, much content is prematurely taught, because people need to learn things in strategic order. For example, you cannot have someone overcome their fears until they first develop their confidence…and that is just one minor example.”

Through the Program Development Academy, Elena guides her clients in creating innovative and profound content that others cannot find just anywhere. She also asks her clients all the right questions, then organizes their answers to make sense in a strategic systematic format that transforms into an productive and fruitful academy or program.

Website Design

“The biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when it comes to getting a website built is using a pop-up website platform, not building a website their company can grow with, and cutting corners to save money. Too many entrepreneurs come to me to build a website because their pop-up site doesn’t have the capabilities they need. So, we have to completely start from scratch, wasting all the time, money, and effort that went into building their first website. Moreover, website developers, such as us, get discounts on hosting and security; so, having a developer host multiple websites is the best way to go for you to save money!”

–  Elena Rahrig

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Graphic Design

Need graphic design work done. No problem! The sky is the limit to what can be created. A few ideas of what we can do are listed below.

  • Speaker Packets
  • Speaker One Sheet
  • Fee Schedule
  • Pre-Program Questionnaires (and all other needed questionnaires)
  • Flyers
  • Bookcovers
  • 3D Bookcovers
  • Website graphics
  • Memes
  • Logos
  • …and more!

Book Publishing

Experience publishing freedom! Show the world that you are published by an official, legal publishing company, Transform Publishing. We charge $300 to file all the proper paperwork and purchase your credentials needed to become a published author. All you must do is sit back and relax!

Package Includes

  • 13-digit ISBN number
  • Registration with congress
  • Barcode
  • Copyright
  • Guaranteed 100& genuine, unique
  • High-resolution barcode image
  • Publisher name listed at Books In Print
  • Publishing rights are 100% yours forever
  • Royalties are 100% yours forever
  • Fast & friendly service
  • Compatible Ebook Distributors
    • all ebook store distributors including Kindle, Nookpress, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, Ingrams, Xlibris, and many more


Whether you need your email copy edited, your manuscript, social media post, blogs, or any other content, we are here to serve! We pay attention to what your sound is. Do you want it to sound just like you speak, or do you want it to be topnotch professional sounding? Either way, we are here to give you what you want. Just CLICK HERE to take answer a few questions so we know exactly what you want and can better serve you!

Types of Editing

  • Development
    • Most intensive; helps you develop your content; i.e. turn 5 sentences into 20 sentences; rearrange sentences and overall content
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Copy
    • Corrects problems of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, jargon, spelling, punctuation, verb tense
  • Proofreading
    • Quick read to mark obvious errors for the author to fix
  • Formatting
    • Print ready
  • Reference
    • Make certain content is factual backed by proof

Ghost Writing

Do you want to be an Author, but you have no time (or talent) to write? Do you need some blog post up and ready to read, yet lack time, talent, or drive to get it done? No matter your situation, we can write for you, while having the world believe you wrote it. Have interest? CLICK HERE to contact us for a project plan and quote.