Don’t Get Screwed! What You Must Ask Before Hiring A Coach / Consultant!

1. Do you have a system?

If you are speaking to someone who has no system, simply move on. Do not work with this person. Think about it…everything runs on a system. Your body, the world, every company and organization, and even our school. A system is  nothing more than a clear cut plan. Can you really trust someone with no plan? 

2. Explain to me your system.

Be sure that you can clearly see where you will end up by following the system. Does the system get you to where you want to go? Does the system make sense? Does each step in the system have clear cut action steps for you to take. If a system cannot show you where you will end up after completing the system, then it is not a system you want to buy into.

3. Ask for contact information from one of their current or previous clients.

Say what? Yes, be bold. Ask. Reviews should be able to be found on a website or social media page; and yes, reviews are good to read and ponder. However, when your future and pocket book are on the line, don’t you deserve more than just a written review from a stranger. There is much that goes into communication…I mean…let’s not forget body language, eye contact, and tonality. Having a verbal conversation with someone about their experience is pivotal to your decision making. Think about it…a CEO of a company doesn’t hire someone without a proper face-to-face interview, does (s)he? Well, if you are getting ready to hire someone to help you build your empire, a proper interview is imperative. Reach out to a current or previous client, and interview them.

4. What’s missing?

Is there anything in the system that is missing? Perhaps their system will get you to a next level of success; but, will it take you all the way? Is somebody teaching you how to write the book, but not what to do with it once it is written? Do they teach you how to market the book once it’s published? You must consider how far their system will take you and what future investments will be needed after you complete their system.

5. Are they passionate about what they do?

Most of the time, you can hear their passion (or lack thereof), in their voice when you speak with them. Pay close attention to this. Are they excited when they are sharing with you what they are offering you? If there is no passion behind their explanation of services, they more than likely care more about getting your money than teaching you what they know. Be sure to hire someone who is passionate about, not only their material, but also about helping others succeed. A great coach or consultant won’t be satisfied until you win big.

6. What type of assistance is granted to you?

Yes, I teach my clients to create systems that run on autopilot–that earn them money while they sleep…aka, residuals. However, that never means to leave your clients hanging with lack of understanding to a step in the system, or without assistance to a bump in the road. A coach / consultant who cares about their clients will be there for them for assistance and guidance when need be. Some coaches / consultants may offer a once a month call of video conference. Yes, that’s good; but, I wouldn’t buy into only that. Be sure you have, at the very least, email access to them or a group social media page where they can answer a question or give you direction when need be.

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