So You Want to Be an Author?

So you want to write a book? Have you ever seen those advertisements: Write your book in a weekend! or, Write your book in 30 days! Oh, how amazing these deals sound! Quick and easy–it’s what we all want! STOP! If it sounds too good to be true…sometimes it is. Now, yes, I am a dreamer, and I believe in many unrealistic things–it’s why I am successful. However, I’m successful because I know, quick and easy doesn’t work in this industry. Here is what quick and easy looks like in the Author and Publication World:

  1. Lots of blank lines in a book, pretending your reader needs them; when in all reality you just didn’t have enough to teach to fill up the pages.
  2. A booklet is written; yet, it is published and priced as a book.
  3. Unorganized thoughts.
  4. Incomplete thoughts.
  5. Horrible editing.
  6. Horrible layout.
  7. Double spaced sentences…yes, I purchases a booklet, thinking it was a book, and then the sentences were double spaced! SMH
  8. Authors whose books were meant to position them as an expert, but instead, positioned them as a dummy.
  9. Books that get published online–which isn’t real publishing, and your book is limited to where it can be sold. True publishing is more than just an ISBN#.
  10. Readers feeling as though they got ripped off.
  11. Authors who careers ended before they even began.

It is important for you to know, there are 19 parts to a book. Each part serves a purpose. Each part has its own DNA. For example, a world class book has an Introduction with eight paragraphs. Each paragraph serves a purpose. Also, chapters have a DNA, and each portion of the DNA serves an important purpose. The Introduction and Chapters, only make up 2 of the 19 parts. Let me ask you, how many parts did you think a book should have?

Here is my encouragement to you: If you want to be an Author, that is fantastic! However, please accomplish this goal the correct way. Don’t fulfill your dream with sloppy determination. Do it right the first time. Pour your heart and soul into the project. Invest in your readers. Care enough about your readers, that you give them the best of you. Your readers will know if you care about them, by the quality of your book. People are looking for someone who they know, like, and trust. Your book will either give them those, or give them the opposite.

When you sit down to write your book in a weekend, or even in thirty days, your brain will become tired. You will need to take brain breaks. Give your brain time to relax after a portion of the content, so the next portion of your content will be as great as you truly desire it to be. It’s important for you to know, if you truly want a world-class book, it will take a team to create it. Not only will it take a team, it will take time, hard work, and dedication.

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