Is This Keeping You from Greater Success?

As a Mother of four, my son is at an age of comprehensive thought patterns. Of course, his thoughts of reason are clouded and often far from reality, but boy does he sure make a good effort to prove his point. I often tell him that he should be a lawyer, due to his ability […]

Are Your Conference Calls Boring?

Do you often attend online phone or video conferences? Are there times you feel like skipping the call because they can get boring or repetitive? Do you ever host a phone or video conference? Whether you host it or are a participant on a conference call, I encourage you to inspire some excitement on the call. […]

Don’t Get Screwed! What You Must Ask Before Hiring A Coach / Consultant!

If you are speaking to someone who has no system, simply move on. Do not work with this person. Think about it…everything runs on a system. Your body, the world, every company and organization, and even our school. A system is  nothing more than a clear cut plan. Can you really trust someone with no plan? 

Why Doing Reviews for Others is a Win for You!

Do you get asked for reviews? “Hey you! Will you write me a review? Will you do a review video for me?” Ugh…bang my head against a wall. Why does everyone want a review video from me? Hey, I understand…well, kind of. Well, maybe not at all.

Are You a Reactive or Active Coach?

Systems. Everyone knows, likes, and trust systems. Your life operates on a system — perhaps a hectic one, but nonetheless, it does. The world operates on a system — go to preschool, grade school, middle school, high school, college, forty year career, retire, die. Your body even operates on many systems. People cannot function without a system.

Is “Coach” Really Your Title?

Let me guess…you have a desire to help people. You desire to assist them in their problem solving — whether personal or business. I get it. So do I. It all began about three years ago, when I completed the development of my first personal development program Your 5D Transformation System. I labeled myself a Life Coach, […]