Don’t Get Screwed! What You Must Ask Before Hiring A Coach / Consultant!

If you are speaking to someone who has no system, simply move on. Do not work with this person. Think about it…everything runs on a system. Your body, the world, every company and organization, and even our school. A system is  nothing more than a clear cut plan. Can you really trust someone with no plan? 

Are You a Reactive or Active Coach?

Systems. Everyone knows, likes, and trust systems. Your life operates on a system — perhaps a hectic one, but nonetheless, it does. The world operates on a system — go to preschool, grade school, middle school, high school, college, forty year career, retire, die. Your body even operates on many systems. People cannot function without a system.

Is “Coach” Really Your Title?

Let me guess…you have a desire to help people. You desire to assist them in their problem solving — whether personal or business. I get it. So do I. It all began about three years ago, when I completed the development of my first personal development program Your 5D Transformation System. I labeled myself a Life Coach, […]