How Robbing & Duplicating Can Hinder Your Empire!

It’s that time of year! Yep, the time when many people make new year resolutions. Don’t worry, I am not going to encourage you to set any. Instead, I am going to talk to you about adjusting areas of your business to produce happier customers, stand out, stand tall, have a greater impact, and to put more money in your pocket.

If you have not already heard about the concept of rob and duplicate, it is when you mimic what others have done to produce the results others have produced. For example, if someone bakes cookies and earns $12 a dozen, you can also bake cookies and sell them for the same price; or, cheaper. In doing so, it is good enough. Although, why merely live your life and run your business only being good enough? Why not be outstanding?! The concept of rob and duplicate is great; however, I want you to do more, so you can be more. Understand, in order to do so though, you must be willing to suffer a bit more than most. The good news is, when you suffer in ways others refuse to suffer, you receive more than others will receive.

When I first began my mastermind group, many other mastermind leaders said to me, “That is not a mastermind group. That is not how they operate.” I responded with, “Great! Now I know my mastermind group will stand out and stand tall!” Although I was right in my assumptions, I had more trial and error moments than most. I made more mistakes than others and needed to adjust more than others.

Here is the deal. When you do not rob and duplicate, you must be willing to make mistakes and adjust when needed. You must not be afraid to eat dirt; and by that, I mean, someone will come along and say, “I told you that wouldn’t work!” Hey…good for them for being right in the moment; but, keep trying things that others have not done, and eventually you will have created your secret sauce—your formula nobody else offers, and that works.

Over the span of three years, Transform Mastermind has offered classes and then cancelled those classes. We have offered incentives and removed those incentives. Schedules have been created, and then recreated. However, in the end, we have the perfect schedule with perfect incentives, that create a profound formula, unlike any other mastermind group. Simply because, I was willing to run my business my own way, try new things, eat dirt, realize when something wasn’t working, and adjust accordingly.

For 2019, I encourage you to look at all areas of your business. Notice which areas are just like everyone else, and then ask yourself, “How can I make this unique? How can I do things differently from everyone else who does what I do? How can I offer more than my competitor?”

So, for 2019, see where you can make adjustments, do not be scared of mistakes, learn to enjoy the taste of dirt, and move forward willing to adjust your adjustments when needed. It may take two, three, or ten tries; but, I have all the faith that, when all is said and done, you will stand out and stand tall! You will have done what others are too scared to do, and you will have what most will never have. So, get out there and create your secret sauce!