I Can Predict Your Future…Can You?

I’m sure you are very well acquainted with the Chinese Fortune Cookie. You know, you break it open and pull a piece of paper out of it to read something along the lines of: The star of riches is shining upon you. If only these fortunes came true for us all. Hey, perhaps they can! Let’s see, if they can come true for you…or, if they will. I have four children, who all play soccer. Drawing your attention to my two boys, ages 6 and 10. I was watching them both play and quickly noticed the difference in level of performance. When my 10 year old, Preston, kicks the ball everyone watching has a pretty good handle on predicting where the ball will land. However, when my 6 year old, Easton, kicks the ball, there is little prediction to where the ball will land. Why is this? The answer may be obvious to you…because of age…right? Not exactly. The answer runs much deeper than the simplicity of age. Experience is the umbrella factor, but let’s take a closer look at what experience actually is. You see, it begins with being teachable. Then, it moves into practicing what you have been taught. Next, one must aim and fire. Preston, has had several years more than Easton on being teachable, practicing, aiming, and firing. When it comes to business, where are you at in your experience. Have you been being teachable? Have you been practicing–applying what you are learning? Are you aiming? Did you fire?

I have given much thought to how you, and I, can predict our future. The factors I have come to realize play major roles in our future are: Thoughts, Words, Beliefs, Actions, Vision, and Perception.

Let’s begin with your thoughts, words, and beliefs. It truly boils down to: Are you a person of Not Enough, Just Enough, or More Than Enough. How do you view all aspects of life? Are you enough? Do you have enough money? Do you have enough time? Are there enough people for you to have enough clients? Are you loved enough? Are you confident enough?

Your thoughts, words, and beliefs are truly all in one, as they align themselves perfectly and precisely. Once you align them with the More Than Enough status quo, your future will begin to predict itself for success.

Hold on for just a few moments longer, as the prediction of your future still has other elements to consider. These next two elements are: Vision and Action; yet, they must also encompass the More Than Enough status quo. Is your vision limited by your beliefs? Are your visions realistic? Are your visions safe? Are your visions comfortable? Are your visions in a shoe box placed neatly upon your closet shelf for “someday”? Do you believe your visions could actually become your reality? If you are not in a constant state of action to bring your visions to fruition, than your future can easily be predicted as one of little to no success. I encourage you to bring your vision box down from the shelf, pull off the lid, let them out, and get yourself into a state of full throttle action.

Lastly, perception is the final piece of the puzzle that will predict your future. How do others perceive you? Now, I know you more than likely have heard that opinions are a dime a dozen, and to not allow other people’s opinions to affect you. Well, this is true in a sense, but on the flip side, you must pay attention to some of these opinions. It is true, you don’t need the entire world of humans to like you; however, you do need the important people to like you–the people who will help you rise to Empire status. In business you will never make it alone…you need people. The thoughts you must consider is, who can help you, who do you want in your corner, and whose opinions need to matter. If others don’t like you, you and your business are dead in the water. If you struggle with relationships, I highly recommend the book: How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.

You know you better than anyone else. In fact, I am sure you view yourself as a caring, loving, generous, and a person of integrity. But, do others? The fact is, it doesn’t matter what you know to be true about you, if nobody else can easily recognize it. I am here to matter-of-factually tell you, people’s opinions–their perception–of you, do indeed matter immensely; and, they matter more than what you think to be true about you.

The next question to consider is: How do you perceive yourself? Are you in belief that you can do it? Are you in belief that you can’t do it? Are you in belief that it is too hard for you? That it only happens for other people? Do you perceive yourself to be confident, shy, intelligent, an authority, a thought leader, and a strategist? Are you a mover and a shaker?

Are you beginning to predict your future?

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  1. Preston Littrell
    Preston Littrell says:

    You are dead on about perception. What we perceive ourselves to be, in most instances, is what we will be become. And while we can’t let others perception of us control what we do, it is others who will be a big part of helping our businesses and our selves grow. If we work hard, stay positive, and be kind, then just as you said in the article, we will receive the positive perception and help from the people that truly matter. Thank you for the great insight.

    • Elena Rahrig
      Elena Rahrig says:

      I have been watching your videos, and can clearly see your transformation into a woman of action. Your business is transforming into an Empire because of it! It is great having you on our Transform Team! Keep on taking action and sticking to a more than enough attitude! Show this world what you are made of!


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