Is Coach Really Your Title?

Let me guess…you have a desire to help people. You desire to assist them in their problem solving — whether personal or business. I get it. So do I. It all began about three years ago, when I completed the development of my first personal development program Your 5D Transformation System. I labeled myself a Life Coach, and began obtaining clients.

OMG! I did not know what I was in for! A load of people who enjoyed complaining about their problems, yet had no desire to “work” to overcome their problems. They were excited about what they were learning, and the motivation and inspiration I provided them; but, when it came to the application thereof…crickets.

Being a person of consistent personal and business growth, I couldn’t take it. I cared more about their success and well-being then they did. It was in this time I realized I was not a Life Coach…well, not the up-close and personal kind. My approach was much different. For me, it’s black and white. Here is your problem and here is your solution — now do it.

Well, Life Coaching is not black and white. Life Coaching has many gray areas that my personality clashes with. So, needless to say, the Life Coaching title got tossed out rather quickly. There I sat pondering, what is my title?

Putting my personal development program on an autopilot platform (people purchase it, they watch the videos, and fill in their workbook), gave me the best of both worlds. I could now help people in a black and white format. I provide them with the tools to overcome, and leave the responsibility 100% in their court. As the program spread through prisons and high schools, along with individuals, people wanted to know how I do what I do.

Well, learning new titles, I realized I was a Consultant — I give you a system to follow, you follow it, you succeed if you apply what I teach you, and you fail if you don’t. Meanwhile, I am available to my clients for support. Yes, a Consultant has a system (well, a Life Coach should have a system also, but that is for another article). A Consultant is black and white. A Consultant with a proven system, is not responsible for those clients who are lazy and only desire to complain, hope, and wish. A Consultant is here for you to lead you through the exact steps to your success — they are not here to be emotionally invested in your success because of what you decide is too much work to accomplish.

Hello, my name is Elena Rahrig, and I am a Consultant. What are you?

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