Is This Keeping You From Greater Success?

As a Mother of four, my son is at an age of comprehensive thought patterns. Of course, his thoughts of reason are clouded and often far from reality, but boy does he sure make a good effort to prove his point. I often tell him that he should be a lawyer, due to his ability to argue his truth, whether it is correct or not. In him, I see much of the world…the blame game. Just the other day, he tracked mud into my SUV, when I told him he must clean it when we arrive at home, his response was, “It’s not my fault.” Although I wanted to say to him, “Well it sure as hell isn’t my fault!”, I instead gave him a lesson on planning ahead and taking responsibility–what much of the world also must learn.

Let’s begin with the concept of money–income and expenses. Currently in our local community there is a huge issue of the water company raising the cost of the monthly water bill. Due to me living in the country, this is no concern of mine…living on a well is nearly free. The only comment I left on the social media discussion was, “As long as you are dependent on others they control you. Move to the country and use a well.” Obviously, the only people who loved my comment were other country folks. All-in-all, the true big picture is this: It’s not the price of water that is the problem, it is lack of money that is the problem.

Now, I couldn ‘t exactly write that as a comment in the discussion; if I did, world war IV would broke out. You see, not too many people can handle the truth, and their lack of money being the problem is their truth. Most would respond with, “There are only so many hours in a day and I can’t work any more and my boss won’t give me a raise.” Even with that response, I can say, “Your problem is still your lack of money, not the prices.” If one would get their head out of the box and think outside the 9 to 5 and the hourly pay, lack of time is not the issue either. Bottom line, we can conclude that many believe high prices are the seller’s fault, the boss’ fault, time’s fault, and the 9 to 5’s fault. Where is the big red X to stamp over these limiting beliefs?

What if we take responsibility and ask ourselves, What can I do to be able to afford what I want and need? As an entrepreneur, you need mentoring, programs, tools, conferences, and much more…but, all these things take money to obtain. So, what do you do (other than sit around and complain that everything cost too much and blame everyone but yourself)? Your answer is simple: You make more money silly!

But, but, but….I am overwhelmed with how to do it. There are so many ways to make money and I suck at them all. Email funnels, ads, cold calls, networking, begging, pleading, stealing, borrowing, losing integrity, scamming…the list goes on and on.


Stop overthinking it. When you are great at what you do, word of mouth is all you need. So, be great! In fact, be super great. Go above and beyond for your clients.

Drop all the hype that runs ramped through your social media pages. You are not going to earn one million dollars in a year because you pop up a few ads and collect emails. Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, money doesn’t always come easy. Do people truly believe that they can make six figures in a short amount of time with little investment, when even a doctor goes to school for 10+ years before beginning to earn money…and with six figures of debt hanging over his head?

Roll with your intuition. You know you must love people before people love you. So, go out and love people by helping them and giving them what they desperately need and want, and they will pay you and tell others about you. You must give to receive–prove to others you can help them by helping them with smaller things for free and then they will pay you large amounts to solve larger problems. God himself tells us that if He can’t trust us with the small things He won’t give us the big things. If God won’t, either will your clients or potential clients. What would be considered small things to trust you with? Perhaps, showing up on time, being organized, being prepared, having integrity, being considerate, being grateful, maturity, hard work, focus, determination, dedication…etc. If you are treating your business like a hobby, you will produce hobby results. Treat it like an Empire, and you will have your Empire.

Just remember, you get paid on the problems you solve. Solve the problem of someone wanting a milkshake and fries and you will get paid accordingly. Solve the problem of cutting someone’s grass and you get paid accordiningly. Solve the problem of someone needing open heart surgery and you will get paid accordingly. Whatever problem you solve, just know, the bigger you think, the bigger your bank account. So, go out there and be a solving problem machine and the $50 increase on your water bill or the $5,000 coaching sessions you need will be feasible.

If you are having trouble on envisioning the structure of your Empire so you can take responsibility for your lack of money, no worries…I can help! Contact me at and let’s chat on how I can help solve your problems!

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    Great article! I believe too as long as you dependent on others they control you. If you put your intension on creating financial wealth, what you think about comes about! As an entrepreneur, you need to get involved with other entrepreneurs, this is why Transform mastermind is so important to get involved with they show you skills, techniques, and strategies to take your business into an empire. To me the key is get Involved with a mastermind Group to grow, learn,create and transform your vision into reality!

    • Elena Rahrig
      Elena Rahrig says:

      Thanks for your added insights Michele! It is always a pleasure hearing from you. Yes, I agree, our mastermind family here at Transform is vital to one’s success! Thanks for commenting and adding value to the article!


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