• Rules of Engagement During a One-on-One Meeting

Rules of Engagement

When meeting a contact to discuss business many are, and have been, making classic mistakes that are hindering them from getting the responses they desire.  When you don’t get the responses you desire, you also don’t get the business growth that you need and desire.  I encourage you to learn these tips and utilize them. Too often, (right, wrong, or indifferent), when we make one mistake it voids everything we did correctly. People will remember the bad, before they remember the good. This being because, people will remember more of how you made them feel, rather than the words you spoke. When you follow all of these tips your connection will feel fabulous, and as a result, like you. When they like you, they trust you, and in turn, will do business with you.

  1. Be respectful of their time.
  2. Have patience in order to receive their full attention.
  3. Ask how much time they have available.
  4. Be 10 minutes early.
  5. For every “I” statement say 5 “You” statements.
  6. You buy. If you can’t afford lunch invite to coffee.
  7. Do not text them to see what they want and that you will go ahead and order it. This makes them feel rushed, which leads to stress. Don’t stress them out; instead, wait patiently and order when they arrive.
  8. Don’t order yours before they arrive.
  9. Send a card after meeting with them.
  10. Listen more than you talk.
  11. Have a biz card ready.
  12. Understand, they care about what is in it for them, so make it about them.
  13. Don’t talk about race or politics.
  14. Don’t complain about your life. No negativity.
  15. Gossip in positives. Tell about great endeavors others have done.
  16. Don’t be cheap. Tip well.
  17. Display forgiveness. If they don’t live by these standards (if they are late), don’t even mention it, and say, “No worries at all! I read a book I have been wanting to read anyways. You’re forgiven!” If it happens more than two times in a row, stop meeting with them, or have a heart to heart with them about respecting your time.
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  1. Yvonne A Jones
    Yvonne A Jones says:

    All excellent tips and strategies that do much to foster good relations. #2 sounds so simple, yet it’s potent. Sometimes you meet with someone and you realize that they’re not with you in spirit. Their thoughts are elsewhere, or they may be very distracted. Rather than attempting to cover the void with constant chatter, silence may bring them back more effectively. Be patient, as you mentioned. Our patience may be just what they needed in the moment to bring them a measure of calmness and get their full attention. Thanks for the reminders, Elena.

  2. P. K. Eastman
    P. K. Eastman says:

    Great article. I especially love the forgiveness part. And appointments go on my calendar at 15 minutes before actual time. Helps me with extra phone call, extra traffic, no parking space, etc.


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