Steps to Getting Your Book Published

“I can get my book published for $35 online” are words I hear often. Yes, these words are true. However, when you publish a book online, it is simply that—an online book. Being the Founding CEO of Transform Publishing for about four years, I have had many clients come to me in desperate need. You see, they hired a small-town publishing company for upwards of $8,000, to walk away with an online book. When they come to me, they are frustrated—mixed with an element of anger that stems from being misguided by a publishing company they trusted in.

It is essential for your success to understand the basics of publishing. Yes, everyone seems to be publishing books these days. However, why do some succeed, while others are left broke, frustrated, and a book that sits on Amazon with no buyers? This is the difference between publishing online verses publishing with a publishing company who knows what they are doing.

The first question to ask any publisher is: “What is your pricing for publishing only?” This means, you are not seeking any other service, except for publishing. If it is not at least $300, you are more than likely not getting published correctly. Your next question to ask them is: “How do you publish the book?” If they respond with no mention of Congressional libraries, do not hire them. Next, ask them what all you obtain once the publishing is complete. Their answer should be a list of four: ISBN#, barcode, copyright, and Congressional Libraries. If you do not hear all four of these in their answer, then know they are not operating in your best interest. Simply remember, you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you pay $35 to publish your book, you will have set limits on your success. Next, ask them if you obtain all rights to the book. Ask them if they include their name on the copyright…you do not want them to do this! Lastly, ask: “What marketing strategies can you provide me?” If a publishing company does not know how to market a book, then they aren’t a full-fledged marketing company; rather, they are a pop-up shop.

 The 3 Different Types of Publishing:



  • You own the copyright.
  • Can sell books with whatever avenue you see fit.
  • You can still obtain a New York Publishing stamp (Otter Publishing New York).
  • You are the final decision maker in all areas of writing, publishing, and selling your book.
  • You keep 100% of your profits.
  • You create your own marketing strategy.
  • Print on demand


  • You pay all monies for printing and publishing your book.

Internet Publishing


  • Cost of publishing and producing your book is lower
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Good for printing a lower book quantity


  • Not as great of quality
  • You share the copyright with the publisher
  • Very few sell over 500 copies
  • Share about half of your profits
  • Printing cost doubles and sometimes nearly triples
  • Control over printing now belongs to the publisher


New York Publishing


  • New York brand stamped on your book
  • Highest quality of book appearance
  • Prestige
  • Earn about 5% of sales
  • Publisher pays printing and publishing cost
  • First time authors receive about a $10,000 advance


  • Lose about 95% of your profit
  • Chances of getting published through this avenue is very slim (1/1,000)
  • Quickened success
  • Lose control of when and where you can sell your book
  • Lose all rights to your book
  • Required to pay back $10,000 advance

Some of the first books that were self-published are:

Mark Twain
George Bernard Shaw
Henry David Thoreau
Walt Whitman
Edgar Allen Poe

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