Why Doing Reviews for Others is a Win for You!

Do you get asked for reviews? “Hey you! Will you write me a review? Will you do a review video for me?” Ugh…bang my head against a wall. Why does everyone want a review video from me?

Hey, I understand…well, kind of. Well, maybe not at all.

You see, I absolutely love doing review videos for people. (Of course, for those worthy of the good review.) Why? Well, one, I love putting a smile on someone’s face, building them up with my words, and helping them to grow their business. Yes, I am one of those people who are actually elated when others succeed–not one of those people who get jealous when someone else succeeds past my own level of success.

Well, in the beginning that was the only reason I loved doing reviews; but, the more I did them the more I realized I got even more out of doing them. What did I get? EXPOSURE! That’s right! So, here is your TIP:

**When you do a review video don’t forget to introduce yourself at the beginning and tell about what you are a genius at during the closing of your review.

For example: “Hello and Welcome! Elena Rahrig here, from ElenaRahrigTransform.com. I am elated to tell you how much Jenn has helped me with my love life….(continue with the body of review – make it juicy). End of review: So, if you are looking to hire someone to help you with your love life, I give full recommendation of Jenn Ray. If you want to speak with me about my experience with her, please go to ElenaRahrigTransform, click on the Schedule tab, and simply book a time to chat with me so I can share with you my full experience with being Jenn Ray’s client. Now, so you know you are on the right site, you will notice that I offer several business academies and personal development programs to help people with their business.

Okay now, give it a try. If you want some practice and have worked with me, feel free to send me a review. Once I receive your review I will let you know if you got the hang of it, or if you need to fix something here or there. Because, let’s be real, you don’t want to do one your first time and make a mess of yourself.

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